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Namibia Media Holdings (NMH)

Namibia Media Holdings (NMH) is the largest media group in Namibia and serves as the umbrella company of three newspaper brands (Allgemeine Zeitung, Namibian Sun and Republikein) with print and digital offerings, a state of the art newsprint operation and a distribution network. With a history of over 39 years, Namibia Media Holdings stands by its purpose to share information that will empower our communities with knowledge.

Promoting Namibia as a truly sustainable destination for tourists, NMH joined forces with Eco Awards Namibia to reward the industry leaders in sustainable and responsible Tourism with its annual Responsible Tourism Rewards:

The winners of these prestigious awards are selected annually from two entry categories:

  1. Tourism Accommodation Establishments
  2. Tour Operators (including car rentals, shuttles etc.)

The first pre-requisite is that all entrants MUST be registered with the Namibia Tourism Board as an individual entity.

Secondly, each entity which would like to be considered for this prestigious award, needs to provide evidence of excellent performance, measured against the principles of sustainable tourism.

Proof of a successful routine assessment by Eco Awards Namibia (achieving at least 4 Eco Awards flowers) is another minimum entry requirement. If an establishment or operator has not yet been audited, an assessment needs to be arranged and completed.

The criteria include Sustainable Management, Natural Resources, Waste Handling, Building & Landscaping, Staff, Legal Compliance and Social Responsibility Initiatives Aimed at Poverty Eradication.

More information can be obtained from Hazel Milne, Programme Coordinator at Eco Awards Namibia: admin@ecoawards-namibia.org.

There are three winners in each category annually with prizes in editorial and advertorial coverage.