Our sponsors

First National Bank (FNB)
Tour and Safari Association of Namibia (TASA)

Eco Awards Namibia has, since 2014, received regular and substantial contributions from First National Bank’s Tourism Division to continue our value-adding service to the tourism industry.

Christo Viljoen, previous Head of the FNB Business Tourism division said:

"Eco Awards Namibia is a mark of distinction for accommodation establishments that are planned and managed according to eco-friendly principles. The programme promotes the selective and careful use of our resources, promoting reducing, recycling and reusing."

He added that as part of its P4 Strategy that emphasises Planet as a driver of sustainable success, FNB Namibia considered the environment in all its dealings and was proud to be associated with the Eco Awards Namibia in the promotion of sustainable resource use.

In 2019, TASA (Tour and Safari Association) sponsored Eco Awards Namibia with  funding which will be used to grow the membership amongst Namibian Tour Operators and to adapt the criteria to become more inclusive of different types of tour operators in Namibia – including tour facilitators.