Pack Safari

Pack Safari is a long established, well reputed Namibian inbound tour operator. Our qualified, competent and friendly team offers professional advice, and arranges superior tours catering to both your individual requirements and special interests.

We focus on swift, efficient and personal service, creating a productive and enjoyable partnership, through which to create the perfect tours for you. Our extensive experience and broad knowledge of Southern Africa, coupled with our excellent relationships with Namibian service providers, and our own sizeable fleet, ensure that we can not only provide our clients with the best of Namibia, we can provide it at fair and competitive prices. 

Well-researched and co-ordinated routes, paired with our serious commitment to the success of each tour, will ensure that each wild adventure and sighting is experienced with peace of mind, a sense of reliability behind it all. 

Our tours extend over the borders, into South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, where our love for the regions, culture and wildlife result in unforgettable, heartwarming experiences, and our dedication to excellent service makes each and every safari extraordinary. Pack Safari Namibia. Experience it all.