Sense of Africa

We specialize in tailor-made experiences throughout Southern Africa and offer an exclusive, personalized and unsurpassed service. First-hand knowledge of our destination ensures that our team of dedicated travel specialists work hand in hand with you picking the most suitable accommodation and experiences and putting together an unforgettable trip.

We believe in a synergistic approach to doing business; we are only as good as you are. We are committed to improving our suppliers’ and partners’ businesses.

We have established an African footprint throughout Sub-Sahara, with clearly defined and synchronised products and services. This ensures consistency in terms of work processes and standards in reservations departments and on-the-ground support. Our footprint includes offices in Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda.

Our exclusive products show how we continuously focus on the individual and specific needs of the customer; how we differentiate from our competition; and how we ensure that each tour is more than just a journey.