Riverdance Lodge and Campsite

Captivated by the river and the people whose history and lives are intertwined with it, Tino and Karin Punzul spent the next four years turning their dream of a lodge in the Kavango region into a reality. Working with local craftsman, they built the lodge from the ground up. The traditional owners of the land and the community have shared in the process and will share in the future of the lodge’s proceeds.

Peace and privacy are at the heart of RiverDance and its stunning, architecturally designed wooden and glass rooms. Nestled amongst hundreds of trees, spacious water front units are tastefully decorated with local linens, extra length beds and your choice of pillows for a most relaxing sleep.

Private walkways lead to your own luxurious bathroom fitted with a bath & shower, biodegradable toiletries and plush bathrobes and towels. While reclining on the deck or soaking in the deep bath, the call of birds, frogs and little creatures that we came to love, will serve as background music.

Deliciously prepared Namibian cuisine and only the best cuts of meat are served with locally sourced seasonal ingredients. You will be welcomed with song and dance and be wished a good rest by the kind people of the Kavango. Special dietary requirements are also catered for. We have our own orchard, a greenhouse, a supply of goat’s milk cheese, freshly caught fish, honey, wild fruits, roasted nuts, wild spinach, mahango and eggs which add to the luxury of life along the river.

Camping is our passion. Our exclusive camping sites offer privacy, a view and access to the river, and your own ablution facilities. You are welcome to order a warm homebaked loaf of bread or pizza fresh from our oven. You will have access to a wooden deck separate from the lodge… something we always missed as campers.