News & Events from July 2018

What is the Green Five Flower Award?

During 2018, the Management Committee of Eco Awards Namibia discussed the fact that there were already over 30 Tourism Establishments which had achieved the 5 Flower Award. Following the latest criteria update, we realised that it became possible to achieve 5 flowers by doing well in criteria sections across the board, without excelling in the environmental criteria sections.

We decided that we want to give special recognition to those establishments, which, on top of achieving an overall 5 Flower award, also excel in the environmental criteria sections, namely Energy, Water, Conservation and Waste Management. The Green Five Flower Award was thus created and is only being awarded to Tourism Establishments that achieve 90% or more average in the combined 4 Environmental Criteria Sections.

The first Green 5 Flower Certificates were awarded in June 2018, to four Wolwedans establishments: Boulders Safari Camp, Dune Camp, Dunes Lodge, Private Camp.