Get involved

Sustainable tourism in Namibia is a relatively young initiative with huge potential to make a significant difference. Show your support for the Eco Awards sustainable tourism certification programme in the following ways:

Book your tour and accommodation with Eco Awards certified members

Whether you are a local business traveller or an international tourist, show your support for sustainable tourism by booking your accommodation or tour with eco awards certified establishments. Be sure to tell them why you support their commitment to eco-friendly principles.

Become a Donor

If you are part of a donor organisation, please consider becoming an Eco Awards sponsor. There are many ways that we could expand our impact on sustainable tourism in Namibia but we are constrained by having insufficient resources. Contact Hazel Milne at for more information.

Become a Partner

If you are part of an organisation in a field relevant to Sustainable Tourism please consider becoming an Eco Awards partner. Contact us at to see how we can work together.

Train as an Eco Awards Assessor

If you live in Namibia and are interested in becoming an Eco Awards Assessor, you will need some background (experience or qualifications) in one or more of our Criteria sections. Please send a detailed CV to Hazel Milne at, for more information on our training and requirements.