How to apply for assessment

Follow this easy 10 step guide to the Eco Awards Namibia process to get your precious Eco Awards Namibia desert flowers. Download information on the 10 step application and assessment process.

  1. Fill in the Screening Checklist on this page to see if you are eligible to enter. If you succeed, continue to Step 2.
  2. Congratulations! You are eligible to enter Eco Awards Namibia. Download and complete the relevant criteria and assessment form:
  3. Complete your self-assessment by answering the easy Yes-No questions on the Assessment Form to determine your initial score. You may contact Eco Awards Namibia for advice and guidance. You may also now make changes to your operation to improve your score.
  4. Submit your completed self-Assessment (with your score) together with the completed application and approval form and your application fee to Eco Awards Namibia. You can email it to us at Preferably also attach your supporting documents, but if not possible, have them ready for the on-site assessment.
  5. Eco Awards Namibia will now arrange a suitable date with you for an independent assessor to visit your establishment. Please make sure that the person who filled in your Self-Assessment is available at that time as well.
  6. The assessor will review and discuss all the criteria with you on site. The assessor will also ask for your supporting documents if these have not been attached to the application.
  7. The assessor should spend enough time with you at your establishment to cover all the components of the assessment (including back of house and staff housing).
  8. The assessor will provide you and Eco Awards Namibia with the scored On-Site Assessment, comments and any other relevant documentation after compiling their findings.
  9. Eco Awards Namibia will review the On-Site Assessment, and may request additional information from you and/or the assessor. A final decision on the award will be made by the management committee and formally communicated to you. (Your award will be valid for two years from this date, after which your operation must be re-assessed.)
  10. Congratulations – you are the proud owner of one or more Eco Awards Namibia flowers. The award will be presented to you at a formal tourism event, such as the annual H·A·N Gala Dinner, and you will receive wide publicity.

Find out about costs on our Application and assessment fees page.

You can download all application and approval documents as well as additional useful resources from our Downloads and Links page.