Desert Rhino Camp

Feel your senses come alive in this Namib Desert wilderness.

Follow free-ranging populations of Critically Endangered desert-adapted black rhino across the Damaraland plains, finding a myriad of other wildlife along the way. Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp offers a rare and exclusive opportunity to track these extraordinary pachyderms, and learn about their unique survival skills in this harshly beautiful, boulder-strewn environment.

Wind down and immerse yourself in this warm, welcoming space, a celebration of earth tones. Look out over sweeping plains dotted with Namibia’s curious national plant, the welwitschia.  Keep a keen eye trained for desert-adapted wildlife, especially the star of the show, the black rhino.

Relax on the deck of your airy, Meru-style tent, just one of eight, and drink in the endless view of the rocky plains. Inside, hints of red, brown, and orange reflect the ancient desert, while Namibia’s extraordinarily clear skies seem to flow from the outside in, inviting endless evenings of sharing and storytelling.

The food experience at Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp is a journey in itself. We use locally grown ingredients in traditional recipes, celebrating food and culture around the camp fire, at a picnic in the bush, with a romantic poolside dinner, or in camp under the light of a million stars.

Breathless. Humbled. Proud. When you see one of the world’s last free-roaming black rhinos or a desert-adapted lion, you’ll feel it all at once. Your stay at Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp directly contributes to the ongoing quest for survival that these wildlife face. It’s a safari experience with meaningful impact.

Ever since we implemented the idea of impactful tourism back in 1983, each of our Wilderness locations has been chosen for a distinct purpose. At Wilderness Desert Rhino Camp, we’ve partnered with three local community conservancies and Save the Rhino Trust Namibia, to defend, preserve, and expand these iconic desert wilds. It’s why we’re here. And it’s why the wildlife here continues to thrive.