Dolomite Resort

Dolomite Resort offers its clients an intimate experience of one of the most scenic areas of the Etosha National Park, an area where previously endangered species like the Black Rhinoceros and Black-Faced Impala have been successfully bred.

With no fewer than 15 waterholes in the surrounding areas, Dolomite Resort presents an exhilarating wildlife viewing experience and with such abundance in animal diversity your only concern should be your photography skills. Specially arranged Game drives operated by knowledgeable Tour guides take you to parts of the Etosha National Park previously only known to Conservationists.

With the area having been virtually “tourist-free” for half a century, it is common to see high numbers of Zebra, Giraffe and antelope species such as the previously endangered Black-faced Impala roaming the plains below the hill. Black and White Rhino can also be spotted in numbers at Klip –pan waterhole.

Mirroring the animals in terms of sheer attraction, the Dolomite hill where the Resort is set presents a Botanists dream, boasting hundreds of plant species which bloom at different times of the year; giving Dolomite Resort its seasonal cadence of colours, aroma and mood.