Doro Nawas Camp

A place of community, culture and curious creatures.

Feast your eyes on otherworldly panoramas, populated by intriguing desert-adapted wildlife and unusual flora.  Engage with the local Doro Nawas community. Discover the fascinating ancient history and incredible geological phenomena of Damaraland. Glimpse black rhinos, desert-adapted elephants and more. Discover a diversity you never knew existed in the desertscape of Namibia at Doro Nawas.

Overlook ancient plains, with glorious views of rough-hewn Damaraland stretching in every direction. Doro Nawas blends in with the surrounding ochres and rusts, embracing the desert in hues of orange, pink, and gold. Fall asleep under one of the least polluted skies on Earth, a canopy of infinite stars. 

A fortress on a rocky outcrop, the 16 wood, canvas, and thatch suites at Doro Nawas open to the desert with glorious views in every direction. An inviting pool and private outdoor shower provide respite from the hot, Namibian sun. The airy verandas offer a shady resting place by day and by night, a space from which to gaze at, and fall asleep under, a blanket of a million stars.

To reduce our foodprint, strengthen our ties with the community, and create a healthier environment for all of us, we use locally grown ingredients in traditional recipes. During your stay at Doro Nawas try indigenous produce like venison, dates, local spinach, and beans cooked on an open fire in the boma, or served fresh from the BBQ on the rooftop, with the stars close enough to touch.

By vehicle or on foot, marvel at how desert-adapted creatures survive in the arid land around Doro Nawas. Venture further afield to discover more of Damaraland at Twyfelfontein, the Petrified Forest, Burnt Mountain, and Organ Pipes. Gaze up at Namibia’s legendary starry skies, and be lulled to sleep by the evocative sounds of Africa by night.

Namibia’s rugged Damaraland offers up scenery found nowhere else. Its desert-adapted wildlife is unique. And so is our joint venture with the Doro !Nawas Conservancy and a Namibian empowerment company. This local partnership serves people and nature by creating economic opportunities for local communities. And it keeps this spectacular, remote area real, raw and wild.