NamibRand Family Hideout

In 1999, Andreas and Mandy Brückner got the go-ahead to convert the deserted home of Karakul sheep farmers on the farm Stellarine into what is known as the NamibRand Family Hideout today. It is remotely situated in south-western Namibia, on the NamibRand Nature Reserve, one of Southern Africa’s largest private nature reserves.

As the sole occupier of this rustic and historic farmhouse, you will be able to appreciate quality time spent alone with your family and friends. The Hideout is simply yet comfortably equipped for your essential needs, a solid and safe haven from the sometimes harsh desert conditions. Evidence of bygone farming days still remains in the old walls, fences and outbuildings, almost buried by ever-shifting sand dunes.

Enjoy the spectacular views over the vast plains and ancient blue mountain ranges, set out on foot or by 4×4 into the glowing red dunes for a close encounter with the fascinating variety of Namib Desert fauna and flora. The kids will love the dune-boarding and endless open spaces, or chasing after beetles and lizards scuttling over the sand dunes. A small water-hole just 20m from the veranda attracts a myriad of birdlife as well as oryx, springbok, bat-eared fox, porcupines and other wildlife. The exceptional surroundings and clarity of the air provide endless opportunities for photography by day and star-gazing by night.

Slow down, leave the stress and pace of our high-tech world behind you for a while and relax around an open fire in the silence of the multi-coloured sunset, punctuated only by the click of barking geckos. Here in the vast and ancient Namib Desert , nature still reigns supreme. You may be comforted to know that a portion of your overnight costs goes towards the conservation of this unique and fragile environment.

In 2010 and again in 2015 we added an exclusive campsite to our accommodation offerings. Campsite Orion and Campsite Venus are each nestled into the dunes, out of sight and earshot of each other. Here our guests are truly alone with nature, but have modern camping facilities such as flush toilets and solar-heated hot showers, but with stunning views and ample shade to protect them from the Namibian sun.

Escape from the rat race – limited cellphone coverage and Wifi can be located only 5 kilometres away at the base camp in case of emergency.