Neuras Wine and Wildlife Estate

Naankuse Wine and Wildlife Estate is an oasis on the edge of the Namibian desert and singular in the world for its combination of wine production and landscape conservation. Neuras’ leading efforts in Namibian wine-production and ecosystem conservation make us a unique and interesting destination for Namibian locals and international guests.

In the local Koikoi language, Neuras means the place of abandoned water. Neuras Estate owes its early existence as a farm to the presence of several crystal clear cold-water springs, and dates back to 1894. 

Our activities at Neuras are ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, geologists, hikers, wine connoisseurs, or those looking to get away from it all and absorb the tranquil seclusion and peacefulness of nature here.

In addition to wine production, our team of researchers and volunteers at Neuras Estate work tirelessly to conserve the diverse and thriving ecosystem of the desert on our 14,400 hectare estate. Our wildlife and sustainability projects range from logging our local frog species to cheetah tracking and collaring. We specialize in cheetah and leopard research, and currently monitor 5 big cats on our property.