Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp

One of the highlights of Kaokoland in the far northern reaches of Namibia, Epupa is a magical belt of makalani palm forest on the perennial Kunene River.

There’s something special about this Kaokoland refuge 180km north of Opuwo, where the Kunene River plunges into the gorge below. Baobab trees cling to the rocky slopes as torrents of water rumble and tumble down the rocks with a flash of rainbow and an invigorating burst of wonder.

Two hundred metres upstream from the cascading falls, Omarunga Epupa-Falls Camp is a cosy thatched lodge on the riverbank set under the palms, and the perfect place from which to experience Epupa enchantment. Dine with a river view and wake to the music of the falls and the sound of palm thrushes singing in the trees. Let Epupa lull you into a peaceful reverie.

In between rest and relaxation, there is much to experience here. Take the golden opportunity to visit the Himba, one of the last semi-nomadic groups in Africa; get your courage in check for a guided walk in search of the Kunene crocs or a rafting trip on the river (seasonal); and follow trails downstream keeping eyes open for our avian friends who favour this riverine habitat. And at sunset join the sundowner drive to a hill overlooking Epupa Falls for that time of day when everything pauses for beauty and celebration.

Drink in the African ambience and magic of Epupa.