Onjala Lodge

Welcome to this 1,700 hectare private nature reserve, located a mere 40 minute’s drive from Windhoek airport. It’s yours now. Feel free to move around as you like, making friends with everyone or everything that crosses your path. Spend hours floating in the waterfall pool or being pampered and revitalised at our ZenSations Spa. Inside our comfortable suites, you can listen at night while the wildlife sings you to sleep with their own unique lullaby.


Lodge rooms: Built in an unconventional architectural style, rough natural stone of the area was used to blend unobtrusively with its backdrop.
The eleven duplex rooms in the main structure with large sliding glass doors and small lounges are comfortably furnished. The lower balcony overlooks the surrounding scenery and the second balcony on the upper level looks onto the central courtyard with small tropical garden, pool and waterfall.

Bungalow rooms: Four freestanding bungalows, each with two separate units, are tucked away in the bush a small distance from the main lodge, affording increased tranquility and privacy. The units are spacious and well appointed with large en-suite bathrooms. The decor reflects the warm colours of Africa, creating a calm, restful atmosphere. The wrap-around veranda invites to linger and take in the sights and sounds of the surrounding bush, possibly sighting an occasional warthog or antelope in close proximity.

Panorama suite: Four freestanding exquisitely appointed Panorama Suites welcome with added luxury and privacy. Each of the thatched chalets offers a spacious sleeping area, lounge, dressing area and a generous bathroom. Air conditioning ensures a comfortable stay, regardless of the weather. The peacefulness and tranquility of the surrounding bush can be soaked up, while enjoying an ice-cold drink from the mini-bar.


We subscribe to environment-friendly practices and sustainable tourism. With a low rainfall and high solar radiation yield, water recycling and renewable energy are our main focuses. The lodge-own water treatment plant supplies water used for flush-toilets and irrigation. A solar heating system generates the majority of the lodge’s hot water supply. Further attention is given to correct waste management and de-bushing measurements to rehabilitate the formally over-utilized farm land by excessive grazing. Matters concerning Namibia’s ecology and biodiversity are explained by means of information tables strategically placed along the walking trails and on guided activities.



Late afternoon game drives in an open vehicle around the nature reserve offer excellent sightings of a large variety of game such as giraffes, warthogs, various antelopes, ostriches, zebras and with luck even leopards.

Join our experienced guide on an early morning botanical walk. To enjoy this activity you should have a passion for nature and comfortable walking
shoes are recommended. 

To enjoy the unspoiled nature, several marked trails and a network of farm-roads allow you to explore the surroundings at leisure. With some luck and patience you might even see wildlife up-close.

Namibia is renowned for its clear and cloudless skies. Onjala has an extraordinary observatory.

Namibia’s highlands bustle with a colourful diversity of birdlife. On walks and at the lodge a variety of birds, such as the luminous crimson-breasted
shrike or a majestic secretary bird can be observed. With some luck you could witness a Verreaux’s eagle-owl narrowing in on its prey or one of the
endangered Lapped-faced vultures circling the skies in search of its next meal.