Serra Cafema Camp

Journey to Namibia’s Serra Cafema, the home of the Himba, and explore one of the most remote, untouched places on Earth.

Retreat to Namibia’s extraordinary desert and discover an astonishing landscape in one of Earth’s most secluded safari destinations. Against the backdrop of the vast Hartmann's Valley and its spectacular geology, redefine your concept of natural beauty. Gaze upon the lush Kunene riverine vegetation and look out for a multitude of wildlife, from desert-adapted oryx, to tiny desert chameleons.

Under verdant trees on the Kunene River’s banks, in an ancient landscape, discover Wilderness Serra Cafema.  A place to disconnect, unwinding to the sound of rushing water, and the silence of the desert. Explore the home of the Himba, Namibia’s last semi-nomads, and be amazed by desert-adapted oryx, zebras, and huge crocodiles in the river.

Rest in your sublimely appointed suite, just one of eight, whose wood, canvas, thatch, and exquisite interior design pay homage to Himba culture.  Put your feet up and immerse yourself in the spectacular surrounds of Namibia’s Kunene Region, from your elevated deck. Wilderness Serra Cafema is a lodge where you can truly relax, the powerful silence of the desert restoring your soul.

Serra Cafema’s food experience promises a feast for all senses. And supports Namibian farmers and artisans, and their local produce. Sample traditional Herero cuisine and culture with a village experience. Enjoy a delicious riverside breakfast on the Kunene, or retreat to your room for a tasting plate of African tapas overlooking the river.

Diverse and contrasting experiences abound at Serra Cafema, from dune-sensitive guided quad biking, nature drives, and walks amongst the fascinating geological formations, to seasonal boating on the Kunene. Respectful, authentic engagement with the Himba in one of their temporary villages is wondrous, a true privilege to spend time with people who live sustainably, as they have for centuries. 

Rugged, remote, and wild. Like you, we’re guests in this spectacular landscape. Its custodians, the local Himba people, share their space, wildlife, and culture with us. In turn, we support them with their expressed needs. Educational programmes. A mobile medical clinic. Continuous nutritional aid. It is our responsibility and privilege to help protect one of the most untouched places on Earth.